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Mnemonics takes place where mind is physical and memory is catalogued. A Bosnian refugee tells a story of her home, logged and kept as stacks of drawings carefully stored in boxes on the shelf of her secret room. Animated portrayals of her past come to life with her touch as hand drawn animation reveals Bosnian customs, landscapes and people.


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director / writer / editor / animator 


Daniela Repas is a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work depicts storytelling through multiple mediums, from painting and animation to installation and film.


She has showed her work nationally and internationally, participating as an artist, a curator and as one of the founding members of DripDrop collective. With focus always being on hand drawn illustrations, she created large scale installations, animation and film.


She is a recipient of prestigious Dorothy Lemelson Scholarship at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she holds a BFA in Intermedia Arts. In collaboration with DripDrop Collective she won Best Installation Award at PLATFORM International Animation Festival and has since continued to create work inspired by her Bosnian origin, relentless exploration of human condition and art as a vessel for primary means of communication.




Cintamani currently works as a Freelance Producer in commercial and film, traveling to location from her home base in Portland, OR.  Recent commercial projects include Adidas, Nike, Google, Uber and Public School.  


After getting a degree in Film & Broadcast Production at London Guildhall University, Cintamani worked at Killer Films in New York, interning on critically acclaimed, award-winning productions such as Far From Heaven and Hedwig & The Angry Inch.


Following her love of music, she worked as a Freelance Music Photographer for several years before bringing her keen eye to reconnect with film as a Producer over the past few years.


director of photography

Hayes Roy Lewis was born in 1978.  He attended film studies at Colorado Film and Video Instructional Studios through The University of Colorado at Denver.  Hayes has written and directed web commercials for many local businesses as well as his own shorts. His work has been featured in many festivals, such as Telluride, and televised short film showcases.


first camera

Matthew Walsh is a filmmaker from Portland, OR. Born to a photographer, his interest in visual arts was sparked at a young age while carefully flipping through endless stacks of his father's photos. That spark never faded, instead finding a natural match with Matthew's love for storytelling. Film became an obvious outlet for these interests, starting with story-rich music videos and branching out into documentary projects and work on short films. Today Matthew primarily works in the camera department, filling the role of Assistant Camera, Camera Operator, or Director of Photography.



Kyle Metzger has been working as a Gaffer and lighting technician in Portland, OR for the last 5 years. He has worked on Grimm, Librarians, Portlandia, and multiple feature length films. As a Gaffer he has lit many commercials for a wide range of different clients including Nike, Visa, and Adidas. As a Key Grip he worked on two commercials for Philips entitled “Afterglow” and “Darklight” that both won critical success internationally. Most recently, he is credited as cable cam operator on Vin Diesel's new film XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.




Mnemonics is the acting debut for Balkan born Tanja Miljevic, who has previously performed live in various bands.


writer (narration)


Ivana Repas was born in 1982 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has traveled the world as a refugee and as an adventurer, capturing her experiences through a written word. In 2012 she became a member of DripDrop Collective. As a part of the PaperPlaneProject she conducted interviews with international array of artists, musicians and humanitarians. In 2016 she had a debut as an actress in short film Bearing Witness. Her latest work consist of written and spoken narrative for short film Mnemonics.


sound editor / re-recording mixer

Adam Johnson is a Portland based video and sound artist, photographer and editor with a background in electronic music production.

He has released music on international record labels, created original music, sound design and licensed music for video installations, advertising and documentary films. As a video editor, sound editor and re-recording mixer, his work includes narrative short films, documentaries, art museum and design exhibition artist profiles, music performances, and commercials. 

He holds a BFA in Photography from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and is the 2013 recipient of the William H. Givler Thesis Award for Fine Arts for the video, "The Weather Where You're From." His work is informed by psychology, avant-garde art and music, eastern philosophy, and the search for authenticity, meaning and truth.


soundscapes and foley

Todd Tawd is a musician, composer and producer in Portland, Oregon. He is the sound of the large-scale art installation group, DripDrop Collective (winner Best Art Installation, Platform International Animation Festival, 2007). As part of their 2011 installation entitled Pre-Nostalgic, Tawd invented a 16 channel audio platform allowing him to compose music in 360 degrees, his orchestrations able to become mobile while moving around, merging and encompassing the audience. His solo project Satin Flack involves emotional and climactic orchestrations made of more than 30 instruments which he composes, performs, records and produces himself. He has worked on multiple films, contributing foley, sound design and original sound tracks.

Special thank you to : Fernando Cabrejos (still photography), Jason Duarr (poster design), Caleb Coppock (compositing), Mike Albino (props), Dylan Lee Johnston (original music "Rainchecks"), Andy Lee-Hilstrom (animated soldier), extras: Laura Farina, Bob Martin, Jessica Breedlove-Latham, Joshua Latham, John Fish and Casimir Copacki.

Posebdno hvala svim prijateljima iz mog dragog Lukavca, koji su pomogli u ostvarenju filma kao i inspiraciji. 

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